Focus is hard to come by during the work day.

Your space should be fun and professional at the same time. Assembly prides ourselves on providing a quiet, focused space so you can achieve that work-life balance everyone's always talking about.

The Space

The space is anchored in a well thought out floor plan featuring great views, plenty of light, and ample space. Custom sit-stand workstations, public and private collaboration spaces, and attention to small details combine to create a fun yet productive atmosphere.

Assembly Floorplan

All memberships are month to month and include 24 hour access. Punch cards and day passes available for purchase.

Monthly Membership

Includes access to open seating and one guest pass per month.



Dedicated Desk

Includes one reserved sit/stand workstation, lockable storage, and one guest pass per month.



Private Office

Includes one unfurnished private office, two memberships, and two guest passes per month.



In addition to standard amenities, Assembly also provides access to an outdoor pool, a fitness facility, and a well equipped break room shared with the adjacent offices of Tack Mobile.

Schedule a Tour

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